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Ataru's Father (あたるの父, Ataru no Chichi?) is a typical salaryman, and father of Ataru Moroboshi. He is married to Ataru's Mother.

For much of the series, he laments the trouble Ataru and Lum's relationship causes, and it is implied each time the house is destroyed, he has to take out yet another loan to fix it. This ultimately leads to him wondering if he's living his life solely to pay off their mortgage.

He is initially wary of Lum's father due to his great size and intimidating manner, but after having him stay with them for a few days in episode 57 ("Domestic Quarrel - To eat or be eaten!?) he begins to look up to him somewhat as a role model of manly living, especially after hearing his speech to Ataru and Lum's classroom. The episode ends with him staring up at the stars enjoying a bottle of sake as Cherry mentions  that "Spring is still so far away."  It's clear he's thinking of Lum's father, and the views on manly life he heard from him.

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