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Benten (弁天, Benten?) is an alien girl of the Gods of Luck clan.


Benten is the biker babe childhood friend of Lum, Ran, and Oyuki. Named after the Shichifukujin Benzaiten (though she shares none of the same qualities), her Gods of Luck clan has an annual battle of Fill the Bucket against Lum's Oni clan on Setsubun.

She gets along well with Ryūnosuke Fujinami, rides around on a red airbike, and is part of a feared trio with Lum and Oyuki. It is unknown by even Lum and Oyuki whether or not she has ever had a boyfriend. However, she's seen supporting Ryūnosuke on her father issues and became excessively flustered when teased that Ryūnosuke might be in love with her.

She likes Earth and earthlings so much, that she'll pop by Lum's place every now and then even when it's not Setsubun.

She is frequently flying around on her favorite airbike, and takes care of the maintenance herself. She is very strong willed and her mood is usually either laid back or violent. Despite this rough personality of hers, she has a surprisingly cute face.


Benten with her hair down.

Benten wears a red skimpy metal bikini, arm protector, and boots. She also draps a chain over her shoulder. This chain serves as the key to her UFO home, not because there is a key attached to it, but because there is a chain-shaped keyhole on the door. When her chain was stolen by the Three Girls Gang (Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper) she could not re-enter her UFO, although her back door was still open. She wore a similar, smaller chain when she was a child, but it is unknown whether that chain was also a key. Her outfit tends to change ever so slightly with each appearance she makes, such as certain parts of her outfit are silver instead of red, or she sometimes doesn't wear her arm protector. In The Obstacle Course Swim Meet, Benten's skin is tan instead of white.



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Ryūnosuke Fujinami

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Ataru Moroboshi

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  • "Move it! Outta my way!"
  • "Hey Ran. It's a call from your "treacherous snake"."
  • "Come on, babe!"


  • In one short story called The Golden Gods of Poverty, there was an actual Benten from the Luck Gods.
  • Her seiyū, Yūko Mita, would then provide the voice of Akemi Roppongi, a character of Maison Ikkoku (Rumiko Takahashi's second major manga series).
  • In Benten's first venture onto Earth during Setsubon, she had a gang of seven other Luck God daughters. These girls haven't been seen since this episode.
    • In the same episode, she seems to return Ataru's affection for her, at least for a brief moment.
  • Many flashbacks show her and Lum were the ones who caused the most trouble as children, while Oyuki merely observed and Ran tried to stop them.
  • Although Benten does not appear in the main plot of Urusei Yatsura 4: Lum the Forever, she along with Oyuki appear in the credits of the movie.

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