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Carla (カルラ, Karura) is a resident of the world of darkness and Rupa's childhood friend.


Ever since they've been children, Carla has loved Rupa. But when Rupa showed her a picture of Lum, his bride-to-be, she changed from a childhood friend to a violent assailant and from then on constantly threatened and terrorized him out of jealousy. The more Carla would attack him, the more he'd try to distance himself from her (similar to Ataru and Lum).

When Rupa tries to get married with Lum, she thwarts the wedding together with Ataru who came to rescue Lum, and a series of fights made Carla leave to Earth while Lum remains with Rupa. However, as Earth accidentally gets engulfed in giant mushrooms from her world, she had to call Rupa to ask him to fix the mess with his flying pigs, which will be done if Ataru repeats the game of tag with Lum and grabs her horns before 10 days. While the game of tag goes on, Rupa reveals to Carla that he was going to loan his pigs regardless of the result since Lum had a different plan, but says he will not if Carla doesn't return to their home in his way of asking her to become his bride, much to her surprise and delight.


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  • "How dare you interfere with my ship's path! Thanks to you, my ship is trashed!"
  • "Stop talking nonsense and just sign this marriage license!"


  • Carla was voiced by the late You Inoue who previously voiced Ran in the first half of the series and movie 1, but was replaced due to her frequent overseas trips.