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Catch the Heart (ハートをつかめ, Hāto o tsukame?) is the 9th OVA of Urusei Yatsura.


Ran purchases a pouch of heart candies that cause a heart to appear over whoever eats one who becomes entirely devoted to the person who grabs that heart and tries to use them with Rei only to fail. The candies then fall in the hands of Lum who eats one and it quickly becomes obvious to her lovestruck male classmates at school that the one who grabs the heart over her head will win her unquestioning devotion while Ataru tries to use those candies to get the other girls’ devotions.


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  • This is the last OVA released in 1989 and as a whole, the 1980s.
  • The ending Uchuu wa Taihen da! is used as an insert song.

Differences from the Manga

The plot is essentially the same with numerous anime original scenes. In the manga:

  • The whole chase takes place in class 2-4.
  • Ten, Sakura, Ryūnosuke and her father do not appear.
  • The effect of the candy doesn't last overnight. Lum actually avoids the boys trying to get the heart over her head.
  • Lum manages to make Ataru eat a candy right after avoiding the boys, and he takes the bag of candy and tries to make Shinobu eat one only for Cherry to interfere and eat it, then he makes every boys eat candy so Lum could hardly locate the one over his head and Onsen-Mark shows up right after and confiscates every hearts except Ataru's.
  • It ends with Lum telling Ran that Onsen-Mark hasn't come to school for days as he became scared to death due to all the boys being enamored with him.