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A Good Catch
A good catch
Nihongo かけめぐる青春
Romaji Kakemegu Seishun
Chapter information
Anime counterpart Episode 1a
Pages 25
Urusei Yatsura Tankōbon
Chapter 1
Volume 1
Piece 1
Next chapter Chapter 2
Urusei Yatsura Wideban
Chapter 1
Volume 1
Piece 1
Next chapter Chapter 2

A Good Catch (かけめぐる青春, Kakemegu Seishun?) or "Young Love on the Run" in the republished english version is the 1st chapter of Urusei Yatsura Tankobon and Urusei Yatsura Wideban.


The chapter starts off with Shinobu slapping Ataru, followed by Shinobu saying that she hates him and is done with him. Ataru wonders out loud why she slapped him, since he only looked at another girl for a second. Cherry suddenly appears and warns Ataru not to do anything foolish. Ataru jumps into the water. Cherry briefly laments that he was too late, and Ataru shouts at him, asking why he said that. Cherry implies that Ataru would have jumped off the bridge in an attempt to kill himself, and Ataru denies that he would kill himself because of what Shinobu did. Cherry says he saw the "shadow of death" on Ataru's back, which is why he ran to save him and accidentally made him jump off the bridge. As Ataru walks away, Cherry warns him not to go in the direction he's going since something "evil" will happen if he does. Ataru punches him, and tells him that this is how he gets home. Cherry notices something "horrible" on his face - an "ominous shadow". As the two walk Cherry says that Ataru looks as if he's been haunted by an evil spirit. As Ataru denies this, he notices people around his house. Ataru is suddenly approached by reporters, and his mom comes to take him inside. (incomplete)

Characters in Order of Appearance

Chapter Title Page Characters

Moroboshi Ataru, Miyake Shinobu, Lum

Character First Page Last Page
Ataru Moroboshi 1 25
Shinobu Miyake 1 25
Cherry 1 25
Ataru's Mother 3 25
Ataru's Father 4 17
Lum's Father 4 25
Lum 5 25


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