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Diana (ディアナ) is the fiancée of Yuni who almost became Lum’s new groom by force.


Yuni was invited to a matchmaking party for Lum organized by Lum's Father, and although it was just a formality for him, she would nevertheless come to secretly watch. Much to her chagrin, she witnesses him with Lum, although it was Lum’s father who insisted that he sympathizes with Lum and becomes her new husband, and as she expresses in tears that she would like to crash the party, the anti-matching front led by Prim shows up offering her to join in. When Lum’s father announces the engagement, she shouts to Yuni who together with Lum joins the anti-matching front who crashes the party, and everyone flee in a hole made by the Prince of the Underground, where she slaps and reprimands Yuni who apologizes and the two quickly reconcile. As everyone end up back at the mercy of Lum’s father, Lum makes him realize how disgraceful it is to tear lovers apart, and she and Yuni go back to their loving ways.


  • Diana was designed by a fan named Sawamura Yasuko who was 17 years old, during a fan contest creation for the manga.