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Elle de Rosenbach
Nihongo エル・ド・ローゼンバッハ
Romaji Eru do Rōzenbahha
Nickname(s) Elle
Age 17, 6 (Flashback)
Gender Female
Species Alien
Relatives Babara (Grandmother)
Residence Planet Elle
Occupation Princess of Kingdom of Elle
Loves Moroboshi Ataru
Media debut
Movie Urusei Yatsura: Only You
Voice Actors
Japanese VA Yoshiko Sakakibara
Shiori (child)

Elle de Rosenbach (エル・ド・ローゼンバッハ, Eru do Rōzenbahha?), also known as Elle, is the ruler of Planet Elle, and also the 888th princess of Kingdom of Elle.


When she was 6 years old, her closest relative Babara often took her to the kindergarden. After the class was over, Ataru played shadow tag with her near the playground. According to her planet's custom, stepping on someone's shadow is a marriage proposal. Elle promised to Ataru that she will be back after 11 years and become his wife.

She tried to get married to Ataru, but Lum and the gang put a stop to her plan. Elle has a hobby that makes Ataru's dream of a harem seem moral in comparison. She collects all of the handsome men that have ever loved her and freezes them for storage inside a giant refrigerator. Because she's one of the most beautiful women in the galaxy, her collection had reached 99,999 men by the time of the movie.


  • "Honey..."
  • "Love is a fragile thing. Love that is bright in the morning fades by the sunset. To keep love always fresh, and prevent spoilage, I developed this Refrigerator Of Love. "
  • "How dare you interrupt the sacred ceremony of love."
  • "So you're Lum, the Oni-girl."


Elle has a grandmother named Babara who lives in space.

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