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Clash!! Her Ladyship and the Football of Love (激突!!女王陛下と愛のラガーマン, Gekitotsu!! Jō Heika to Ai no Ragāman) is the 108th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ryūnosuke loses the cloth that wraps up her breasts, but decides to not buy a new one when she's finally treated like a girl by everyone around her. But when it comes time to play rugby at gym class, the boys are more interested in Ryūnosuke's large chest than playing the game. At the same time, an evil space queen and her all-male henchmen are plotting to overtake Earth, and their ship has the size and shape of a rugby ball.

Plot Overview



Differences from the manga

This episode is two manga plots merged together into one full-length story:

    • The story with the UFO and alien princess is a fairly early one, with a regular rugby game without Ryūnosuke, who hadn’t been introduced yet. The aliens only abduct Ataru, who chases after the princess while the UFO/ball is being flung around. Lum flies over to try to find Ataru and someone accidentally shrinks her, and her angry chase after Ataru sends the ball flying around the field. It ends with the two being expelled and the UFO flying off, as in the anime.
    • The other story starts with Ryūnosuke in the bathhouse, and the anime follows it pretty closely until the game itself. The game has more successful groping (Lum flies in to help at one point and winds up grabbing Ryūnosuke’s breasts herself), which makes her wish to have a wrap again, but at the end her father throws her another wrap, which she uses to lasso the boys and fling them around the field, but then demands it back.
  • Onsen-Mark doesn't appear in both chapters.