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Ran-chan, Tasting the Tearful Love of a First Kiss (ランちゃん・初キッス涙涙の恋の味, Ran-chan - Hatsu Kissu Namida no Koi no Aji) is the 109th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ran still tries to win Rei's heart through his stomach. On a moonlight picnic date, he licks bean paste from her face, which seemed that he kissed her on the cheek, much to her and Lum’s joy. But will that joy last?

Plot Overview

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  • Ran is voiced by Kazue Komiya from this episode for the remainder of the anime.
  • In the scene where Ran is cooking the food, she says "Elohim, Essaim... Elohim, Essaim". Those words are some sort of a hebrew prayer, and they are a form to refer to God's power.

Differences from the manga

  • The manga picks up with Ran talking to Lum on the street, followed by the scene in the tree.