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Scaring Ghosts! The Beautiful Sakura’s Exorcism!! (妖怪退散!艶姿サクラのおはらい!!, Yōkai Taisan! Adesugata Sakura no Oharai!!) is the 119th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Sakura is being haunted by an army of demons in the school infirmary because Cherry is purifying her wand together with a demon in a bottle. Ataru takes advantage of Sakura’s need of her wand while Ten accidentally gets hold of the bottle.

Plot Overview


Differences from the manga

This episode is two manga plots merged together into one full-length story:

  • The story surrounding Sakura’s wand starts with Ten visiting Sakura who is dusting her artifacts off and she leaves Ten to watch them over while she answers a phone call only for Torajima to drop by and throw artifacts at Ten who then takes Sakura’s wand to get even with the cat who leaves. Upon returning, Sakura realizes her wand is missing calls at the Moroboshi residence but Ataru was no help to her as he only speaks of going on a date with her. It is the same from Sakura coming to school to Mendo being brought back to the infirmary. Ataru and Lum look for Ten and Ataru finds Torajima with Sakura’s wand and takes it from him. From Ataru blackmailing Sakura until Mendo threatening him with his sword is the same in anime, but Sakura ends up getting the wand back with the help of Mendo and the male students and uses it immediately on the demons and Ataru who end up all at his home having dinner with the family.
    • Cherry doesn’t appear therefore isn’t involved.
  • The story surrounding the demon bottle starts with Ataru, Lum, Ten and Kotatsu-neko invited in Sakura’s house and as Cherry makes Sakura try to remember today is the day the demon must be exorcised after being promised to be released 200 years later as a test to be sure if it would really change its ways, Ten found the bottle on an altar and showed it to Lum who took it up in the sky to drop it and cause it to break, while Sakura was preparing herself for the exorcism. The rest is the same without the demons around Sakura until Mr. Fujinami, Onsen-Mark and the demon start laughing all together with big heads. Cherry makes a bigger head screaming “BEGONE” and all 3 are locked and sealed in the cupboard of the school store.