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Love Battle Royale (恋のバトルロイヤル, Koi no Batoru Roiyaru?) and Father, You were Strong (父よあなたは強かった, Chichi yo Anata wa Tsuyokatta?) are the two segments of the 12th episode of Urusei Yatsura.



Sakura invites Ataru and others at a local disco, which is a perfect setting for her boyfriend Tsubame to prove himself worthy of being her fiancée to Cherry by displaying his magic abilities that however go awry.


Kurama takes Ataru back in time in hope of teaching him to be her ideal man like her father.

Plot Overview


Ataru is trying to read in his bedroom while Lum dances around wearing headphones and singing nonsense syllables. He pulls the headphone cord out only to be blasted by waves of sound. When he manages to turn off the volume, Lum complains that Earth is dull and she wants to “explode with youthful energy” (which is something she usually does at least once an episode anyway). Ataru is called to the door, where Sakura (wearing a ridiculously revealing outfit) says that she wants to take him out. While initially overjoyed, he’s less so when he discovers that Lum, Shinobu and the Stormtroopers are also coming and hot to trot, or at least boogie.

Ataru has a bad feeling about this, and his fears may be justified, as a figure in a black cape lurks behind a lamppost. He cozies up to Sakura, leading to some arguing and further cuddling, until the man in the cape leaps out… five feet behind them. He’s disappointed he didn’t surprise them, while Sakura is just appalled by his stupidity. He identifies himself as her boyfriend, Ozuno Tsubame, just returned from the West. Ataru is appalled, but after he and the Stormtroopers are pried off of Sakura, she complains that she may not want to be Tsubame’s fiancée, and storms off toward the disco.

Inside the disco, Ataru is further stunned to see Cherry. Tsubame asks his permission to marry Sakura, but Cherry can’t agree unless he has strong spiritual pressure power. Tsubame says that this is the perfect place to demonstrate his power, but first dancing ensues, to an instrumental of Lum no Love Song.

Tsubame notes that spirits tend to be drawn to places like this. Sakura adds that Ataru tends to attract monsters. Tsubame declares that he’ll demonstrate his power by summoning Satan, but instead Ataru turns in Santa Claus.

Sakura says that the spirits didn’t understand because Satan is in English, so he repeats the summoning but calls for Akuma. However, he winds up turning Ataru into a bear instead (Akuma=”devil”, Aa! Kuma!=”Augh! Bear!). Lum challenges him for transforming Darling, and Cherry says that he must summon the monster that will defeat her to win Sakura. He tries summoning “Aries of Sabbat”, but instead Rei falls from nowhere onto the once again-human Ataru. He transforms into humanoid form, and is mobbed by women, causing him to transform back while Ataru is trampled.

Ataru angrily stalks toward the trio, swearing his vengeance, which takes the form of leaping on Sakura. This leads to a series of Rei pursuing Lum, Lum and Shinobu pursuing Ataru, Ataru pursuing Sakura, and Tsubame defending Sakura by attacking Ataru and earning Lum’s Wrath. Cherry delivers an apt summary of the series:

This is a true hell of sex perverts. Tsubame! Train yourself again!

Tsubame demonstrates his power by summoning a horde of monsters, from a superhero who resembles Space Ghost to a topless lady centaur, and the dance floor dissolves into chaos.


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Studio Pierrot 12 .png
  • In the first segment, the Studio Pierrot logo is featured as the local disco emblem.
  • An insert song Space Wagon by Masayoshi is featured in the first segment.
  • An insert song Montecristo Fanclub is featured sung by Virgin VS.
  • Uchuu wa Taihen da! can be heard on TV in the second segment.

Differences from the manga

  • Shinobu and Lum's Stormtroopers do not appear.
  • Cherry does allow Tsubame to marry Sakura at the end.

The basic plot is the same, except that Kurama agrees to let Ataru take Ushiwaka Maru to town because history records that it happened, and we see a bit of him trying to pick up women. Additionally, Ten doesn't appear since he wasn't get introduced in the manga until Chapter 63.


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