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Here Again! Hunter of Love Princess Kurama (またまた登場!愛の狩人クラマ姫, Matamata Tōjō! Ai no Kariudo Kurama Hime) is the 121st episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Princess Kurama is back, and now sets her sights on Rei, much to Ran's chagrin.

Plot Overview

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  • This would be the final episode about Kurama trying to find a mate, although she'd keep appearing occasionally.
  • Vul Eagle of Sun Vulcan and the Toho Daikaiju Gigan make a cameo among the many bachelors that Kurama can choose from.

Differences from the manga

The story is fundamentally the same except that the Principal and Kotatsu-Neko don't appear and the scenes of Kurama fantasizing and exercising at the beginning and Rei's thoughts at the end are anime original.