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The Fox's Hard Feelings of Painful Love... (キツネのかた想い恋すれどせつなく..., Kitsune no Kata Omoi Koisuredo Setsunaku...) is the 122nd episode of Urusei Yatsura.


On a rainy day, Shinobu saves a tiny fox from a pack of dogs. The little guy becomes smitten with her and attempts to return the favor.

Plot Overview



  • First Appearance of Kitsune.
  • Super Delicious Planet Golden Special Reserve Gorgeous Aftercare Kit makes a cameo while Soban runs to Shinobu.
  • Many characters of other stories by Rumiko Takahashi can be seen in class while Kitsune impersonates Onsen-Mark:
    • Akemi of Maison Ikkoku.
    • Yura Enjoji, Tamuro Gomi and Tadayasu Sekoi of Wasted Minds (Dust Spot in Japanese).
    • Suzuko and a hidden Shukumaru of Fire Tripper.
    • Azusa of Laughing Target.
    • Haruka Kamishiro and Ryohei Fuse of Sleep and Forget.

Differences from the manga

The story is fundamentally the same except that it happens during Winter rather than during the rainy season and the scenes at the beauty shop and of Kitsune's attempt to give Shinobu's umbrella back are anime original.