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Ghost Story! Footsteps of the Girl’s Dormitory!! (怪談!カラ〜ンコロ〜ン女子寮!!, Kaidan! Kara~n Koro~n Joshi Ryō!!) is the 124th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Just as Ataru teases Ten with a ghost story, it becomes too real as the sound of a wooden clanking is heard and a lantern appears taking Ataru away every night, no matter how hard Lum tries to preclude it.

Plot Overview


Differences from the manga

The plot of Ryōko making Ataru come every day for her hypnosis experiment and Lum, Ten, Cherry and Mendō following him until Ryōko's school where the truth is unveiled is basically the same. The differences are:

  • It begins with the Kuroko coming into the Moroboshi home and performing a marionette play which serves as an invitation to Ataru, which was adapted in Episode 61.
  • Every morning rather than every evening, Lum ties Ataru in many ways to show Ryōko who owns Ataru, only for the Kuroko to outdo her and take Ataru, who then shows up later lifeless in class 2-4.
  • Cherry shows up twice in class 2-4 the first day and a week after, insisting that Ataru is cursed.
  • It ends with Ataru tied like a dog by Onsen-Mark in the hallway of school.