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Pool Spooks! Burning into Forbidden Love!! (プール妖怪!許されぬ恋に燃えて!!, Pūru Yōkai! Yurusarenu Koi ni Moete!!) is the 125th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


At a seaside resort owned by the Mendō family, Ten makes Ataru endure Lum’s swimming lessons while a familiar figure has been residing in an aquarium.

Plot Overview



  • Creamy Mami and Yuu of Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel make a cameo.
  • An insert song Fushigi Kirei is featured sung by Fumi Hirano.
    • It would be reused in episodes 134, 168 and 194.
  • Pochi returns from Episode 34 once again in a property of the Mendō family, unlike in the manga.
  • The Mendō Marine Park would be used again in Episode 176.

Differences from the manga

This is the first Studio Deen episode with two manga plots stitched together in one episode, with each half covering each plot, rather than being merged into a full-length episode.

  • The first half beings with Lum searching for Ten who wants to avoid her swimming lessons only to find Ataru who turns him over and both go to a regular public swimming pool.
    • Shinobu, Mendō and the Principal do not appear.
  • The second half has Pochi in a regular aquarium which Class 2-4 visit with Onsen-Mark.
    • Ten, Kotatsu-Neko and the Principal do not appear.

The Mendō Marine Park being anime only serves to tie both halves together.