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Where is Love's Room? Kuriko and Chojuro (愛のすみかはいずこ?栗子と長十郎, Ai no Sumika wa Izuko? Kuriko to Chōjūrō) is the 127th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Class 2-4 goes on a field trip to a pear orchard, where a pear possesses Ataru by sticking on his head to come closer to his loving chestnut who constantly tries to find the perfect person to possess.

Plot Overview



Differences from the manga

  • The manga begins with Class 2-4 having already arrived at the Pear Orchard.
  • Ten doesn't get possessed by Kuriko and brings it to Sakura who was still observing Chojuro on Ataru's head and puts it on her head as a present.
  • Kuriko jumps from Sakura to Lum who offered her to ride on her and tries to hug Ataru who runs away from her until meeting Ryūnosuke and her father.
  • Kuriko doesn't possess Kotatsu-neko, she landed on Mendō.