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Don't Die! Ryōko's Special Straw Doll!! (死んだらあかん!了子の特製ワラ人形!!, Shindara Akan! Ryōko no Tokusei Wara Ningyō!!) is the 131st episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ryōko makes a voodoo doll effigy of her brother and entrusts it to Ataru who unknowingly and unintentionally causes Mendō great pain.

Plot Overview



  • In the end, characters of Maison Ikkoku can be seen as students in class 2-4.
    • Yūsaku Godai, Shun Mitaka and Kyōko Otonashi on the left.
    • Yotsuya, Akemi Roppongi and Hanae Ichinose on the right.

Differences from the manga

The story is fundamentally the same except that Ataru playing baseball and Ryōko unleashing animals are anime original (It jumps from the push-ups scene to Ataru flirting with Shinobu and from Mendō falling from the roof to ordering Ataru to hand over the doll).