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Matchmaking Hell! Is the Armored Daughter a Beauty? Beast? (お見合地獄!ヨロイ娘は美女?怪女?, Omiai Jigoku! Yoroi Musume wa Bijo? Kaijo?) is the 132nd episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Mendō is forced into an arranged marriage with Tobimaro’s sister of the Mizunokōji clan, whom an intruding Ataru wants to meet. Much to the surprise of the boys including Tobimaro who just learns that he actually has a sister, she is a heavily armored girl.

Plot Overview

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  • This is the first half of a two-part story.
  • First Appearance of Asuka Mizunokōji.
    • Also first appearance of the Mizunokōji Corps who appear earlier in the manga as there are other chapters featuring Tobimaro before Asuka's introduction.
  • Tobimaro is voiced by Bin Shimada from this episode for the remainder of the anime.

Differences from the manga

The story is fundamentally the same with very few differences:

  • The Kuroko doesn't use a doll of Ryōko when he speaks to Mendō on her behalf.
  • Before meeting Tobimaro, Mendō waited for his spies to return only to see them beaten up as she was not easy to reach.
  • Cherry breaking the Fourth Wall at the end is anime original.