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How I Hate Talking Flowers! (おしゃべり花なんかどうわいっきらい!, Oshaberi Hana Nanka dō wa Ikkirai!) is the 135th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ran imports flowers from space that repeats anything it happens to overhear and are unexpectedly blown across town confusing and affecting lives of many by repeating parts of stuff that Lum and Ran said.

Plot Overview



  • Various cameos of other stories by Rumiko Takahashi are featured:
    • A mermaid and a lost soul from Mermaid Saga.
    • Maris, Murphy, Sue and Koganemaru from Maris the Chojo.
    • Soshiro and Meiko from The Face Pack.
    • Akane and Kei from Kattena Yatsura.

Differences from the manga

The manga version ends with Lum and Ran having tea, thus the scenes of Lum pretending not having anything to do with the flowers are anime original, as well as the scenes with Lum's Stormtroopers, Ryūnosuke and her father, and Sakura as they don't appear in the manga version.