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Tomobiki High School Survival! Who Are the Survivors!! (友引高校サバイバル!生き残るのは誰だ!!, Tomobiki Kōkō Sabaibaru! Ikinokoru no wa Dare da!!) is the 139th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Three boys at Tomobiki High School have a motherly love for tomatoes, and when Jariten accidentally burns their green house, Ataru buries him and makes the trio turn on him. Consequently, Jariten goes too far by giving the boys the same treatment by sinking the school into the ground, which gets everyone uneasy and fight over the trio’s remaining tomatoes.

Plot Overview



Differences from the manga

The only part that is identical to the manga is Ten being ignored by the boys reading a dirty magazine, burning the green house and being buried by Ataru who makes the trio turn on him. The rest is different starting with Lum finding Ten buried during the night and grounding him for having been bad, but Ten ignores her and the next day has Tomobiki High School already sunk before the students arrive but class goes nevertheless with Onsen-Mark and Hanawa showing them to enter from the roof door, although Ten tries to scare the students with fake sounds from a radio and refuses to fix his mess, and Ryūnosuke learns how Mendō would struggle not to be afraid of the dark when ladies are around which drives her mad as he wouldn't struggle when she's around, and it ends with the Principal asking Kotatsu-neko to have all the students back on the roof to announce that class is canceled and everyone must excavate the school.