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The Great Off-Campus Snack Battle (買い食い大戦争, Kaigui Daisensō) and A Gift from Ten!! (テンからの贈り物!!, Ten Kara no Okurimono) are the two segments of the thirteenth episode of the 2022 adaptation of Urusei Yatsura.



A battle between the Tomobiki School students and faculty occurs over the students enjoying snacks off campus and the faculty earnestly trying to prevent this.


Ten purchases what was advertised as a Lovey-Dovey Crystal Ball" that dictates the user's, destined lover with a 1000% accuracy rate. It's used by Lum, Sakura, Shinobu, and Ran with devastating results.



Inside the Tomobiki High School faculty room, Onsen reports to his faculty constituents about students frequently snacking at various locations off of school grounds during lunch-time. It's ultimately decided that any student caught doing this will be severely reprimanded. Unbeknownst to the faculty, Kōsuke of Class 2-4 eavesdrops on this meeting and reports his findings back to his peers. As a result, Ataru proclaims that they'll rebel the teachers, which all but Mendō seem for.

Moments before lunch starts, the students and faculty prepare for what would be called, "The Great Off-Campus Snack Battle". When the bell rings, a stampede of students nearly race through the school gate, where Mendō and his Covert Civility Patrol members catch a handful in a net. Still, Ataru, Lum, Kōsuke, and Hokuto manage to slip by and later reach the Cat Diner. Deemed safe by Ataru, they enter it and order some food. However, before they're able to eat, their waitress warns them it's a trap, and a Maneki-Neko disguised Onsen tries to ambush them, but the waitress stops him.

Running away, two groups of students, one led by Shinobu, informs Ataru's group that their frequently visited areas are traps. Chased by Onsen and blocked off by Mendō's group; however, Shinobu and a group of girls cajole him, which grant them passage. Taking a cue from the girls, Ataru and the boys dress up like girls and pass on by with Lum.

Reaching a taiyaki shop, its owner refuses to sell Ataru's group any food as Sakura was already there and had eaten all of its food. Sequentially, Ataru's group reaches another restaurant where Onsen had captured some students. At that moment, Onsen was arrested by a police officer, thanks to a Tomobiki Shopping District representative.

Finally, at a safe haven, Ataru's group orders some food, and Lum feeds Ataru an extra spicy okonomiyaki causing him to run out of the place in desperate need of water. Mendō's group discovers Ataru and intends to capture him, but are instead chased by the hot-lipped Ataru as he continues his cry for some water as Lum chases after him.

Incidentally, Ataru tramples over an elderly teacher, triggering a confrontation between the two sides that ends in a draw.


Lum, Ran, Sakura, Shinobu, and Sakura spend time with Ten in a cafe feeding him their deserts. Outside, Ataru observes and speculates what makes Ten so popular with them. Back inside, it's revealed to Ran that Sakura has a fiance named Tsubame. Reluctantly, Sakura explains Tsubame's background as a sorcerer who studied overseas to master Black Magic. This accomplishment impressed Cherry enough to give his blessing to her and Ozuno.

Skeptical that Sakura and Tsubame's relationship would work between them, Ten uses a device linked to the galactic shopping network that advertises a "Lovey-Dovey Crystal Ball". Its purpose is to show someone's destined lover with a 1000% accuracy rate. Despite, Sakura trying to dissuade Ten from purchasing the item, he does anyway and tries to let her use it, but she refuses. Instead, Shinobu tries it out and, upon learning who she's destined to marry, is off-put by the result. To her dismay, Lum then tries it and learns that it's Rei. Ran then tries it and learns that Ataru is her predestined match. Nervous tension fills the air, and Shinobu asks about Tsubame, who Sakura details he'll be arriving soon, which makes Shinobu flustered and want to leave.

Outside, Ataru and Mendō continue observing and are joined by Tsubame. Back inside the cafe, Shinobu blurts out that she's destined to marry Tsubame. Upset by the revelation, Sakura finally tried it and was shocked to learn that she was destined to marry Ataru and Mendō. As Sakura comprehends this, Ataru, Mendō, and Tsubame crawl underneath their table, and Sakura instantly discovers the two boys causing her to knock them out.

Sakura then lectures both Mendō and Ataru about bigamy, which perplexes Ran as Ataru was her predestined man, and Lum was upset that he didn't appear in her predestined vision. As things become heated between the group in the cafe, Ten escapes and learn that the Lovey-Dovey Crystal Ball he ordered was, in fact, really a "Trouble Couple Crystal Ball". The real Lovey-Dovey Crystal Ball is then sent to Ten, who complains that it was already too late.

In the after-credits, Ten watches a galactic shopping network advertisement for its newest product, Fantasy Gum...



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