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Mendo Arrives With Trouble! (面堂はトラブルとともに!, Mendō wa Toraburu to Tomo ni!?) and Constellation-Go-Round (星座はめぐる, Seiza wa Meguru?) are the two segments of the 14th episode of Urusei Yatsura.



Tomobiki High School gets a new student: Shūtarō Mendō, the son of Japan's richest family. He and Ataru have a duel for presidency of the class.


After a computer told Lum that her perfect matchmade partner is Shutaro instead of Ataru, she shrinks the two down and places them on a Horoscope device.

Plot Overview

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  • This is Shūtarō Mendō's official debut, after making a special appearance in Episode 11.

Differences from the manga

  • Ten doesn't appear in both segments.
  • Mendō meets Lum in class and is shocked to learn she’s Ataru’s fiancée.
  • Onsen-Mark appears, and is who announces the election for Class President.
  • Ataru and Mendō's duel with cannons doesn’t take place, for Mendō needed to first hit Ataru with his glove in order for it to be a proper challenge only to inadvertently hit Lum who then bolts him.
  • Gemini are Ultraman.
  • It ends when Lum chooses Ataru, with one of the boys noting “So if you take away Mendō’s money and power...he becomes Ataru?!”
    • Thus Ataru's parents do not appear at the end.


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