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The Mysterious Giant Cake! Love Escape Panic!! (謎の巨大ケーキ!恋の逃避行パニック!!, Nazo no Kyodai Kēki! Koi no Tōhikō Panikku!!) is the 140th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Mendō throws a New Year's party within a giant cake hall which takes a delicious, spongy turn as Ryōko makes plans with Tobimaro.

Plot Overview



Differences from the manga

This episode is two manga plots merged together into one full-length story:

  • In the story involving the giant cake, the party is in celebration of Christmas. Cherry comes out of a cake rather than a O-zōni from Ryōko, and rather than being persuaded to stay by Mendō, everyone is locked in. The gang receive many bomb-detectors. and try to eat their way though to scour the sponge cake for signs of explosives to defuse them. Many of them blow up in their faces but they manage to disarm most of them in time. As Ryoko looks on with disappointment, her final bomb is switched off, only to have the cake collapse due to all the little tunnels that were eaten though it.
  • In the story involving Tobimaro and Ryōko, Tobimaro Mizunokōji was hiding underneath a bridge on the Mendō Estate, waiting for Mendō cross it at exactly 6:00am like he does every morning, to toss his letter of challenge at the Mizunokōji Athletic Estate to him only for Ryōko to come and get it, since she had her brother encased in a block of cement the day before, and she mistakes it for a letter asking her for a date, and as Mendō arrives and also mistakenly believes that his arch-nemesis has asked her out. Ryōko asked Ataru to come along since Mendō who disguised himself as a Kuroko wouldn't allow it, much to the dismay of Lum who came too, and the whole fight takes place at the Mizunokōji Athletic Estate (which its design was used on top of the giant cake).