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Theatrical Panic! The Mendō Family Flower Viewing Banquet!! (お芝居パニック!面堂家花見のうたげ!!, Oshibai Panikku! Mendō Ka Hanami no Utage!!) is the 142nd episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Class 2-4 enjoys a flower viewing banquet at Mendo's house, drinking a juice from Lum’s planet which makes everyone act out a play of feudal Japan.

Plot Overview



  • Numerous cameos are featured at the end such as Akakage, The Incredible Hulk, Kamen Rider and Sun Vulcan.

Differences from the manga

  • The story starts with Onsen-Mark showing up at the banquet in Mendō's house.
  • There's no western style change after Mendō slices Onsen-Mark the first time.
  • Lum wears a different warrior-like outfit and bolts Ataru and Mendō the first time they cross each other.
  • Nobody leaves Mendō's house, the rest of the story in the street still takes place in Mendō's house and ends after Ataru and Mendō's second confrontation interrupted by Lum bolting them a second time.