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Three Daughters Again! The Great Darling Seduction Scheme!! (またもや三人娘!ダーリン誘惑大作戦!!, Matamoya Sannin Musume! Dārin Yūwaku Dai Sakusen!!) is the 145th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


The Spice Girls return to Earth to seduce Ataru away from Lum. But to him, they're just in the way of his girl-hunting.

Plot Overview



  • Numerous cameos are featured:
    • Lahla of the third movie in the cover of the magazine Ataru was reading.
    • Haruka Kamishiro and Ryohei Fuse of Sleep and Forget when the Three Girls Gang laugh.
    • Ruu and Lahla of the third movie while the Trio follows Ataru.
    • Kyoko Otonashi and Hanae Ichinose of Maison Ikkoku when the Trio show their abilities to an uninterested Ataru walking away.
  • A picture of Sakura can be seen behind Ataru at the ramen restaurant which is a reference to Episode 91.

Differences from the manga

The plot is essentially the same, with anime original scenes:

  • The scenes with Benten and Oyuki. The trio go to Earth right after the decision to seduce Ataru is made.
  • The trio is not stunned by Sakura's beauty. It jumps from Sakura kicking Ataru away to the scene in the park.
  • The Motorcycle chase and the annoyed girl at the park scenes. It jumps from Ataru fleeing from Lum to the Trio showing up behind the girls he tries to invite.
  • The scenes in Ataru's room. It jumps from the scene in the ramen restaurant to the Trio coming across the molester scene.
    • Thus, Ten and Kotatsu-Neko do not appear.