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Ryūnosuke’s Father Comes Clean! My Wife is in Vestiges!! (竜之介の父・純情す!妻は面影の中に!!, Ryūnosuke no Chichi Junjō su! Tsuma wa Omokage no Naka ni!!) is the 147th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ryūnosuke’s father becomes more eccentric than usual, as he thinks about his wife and wishes to relive their first encounter.

Plot Overview



  • 2 children are seen with a Mickey Mouse Hat and a Donald Duck Plush after Ataru is hit by Sakura, Lum and Shinobu.

Differences from the manga

This episode is actually two manga plots stitched together in one episode, with each half covering each plot.

Part 1

Only Sakura bringing Ryūnosuke to the nurse office and the scene in it is adapted in the anime. The rest including the first scene is anime original.

  • The story starts with Ryūnosuke and her father fighting with no reason given.
  • After Ryūnosuke's father shows up in the nurse office, he dismisses the "falling for a guy" as an outrageous nonsense and Ryūnosuke hits him out.
  • Sakura tries to help Ryūnosuke find her ideal man by having every male students fight her in a ring only to prove to be no match for her.

Part 2

The plot is essentially the same although the whole story takes place inside the Fujinami's house in school and Sakura doesn't appear.