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Spring in Full Bloom!? Frozen by Oyuki's Cold!! (春らんまん!?おユキのカゼで氷づけ!!, Haru Ran Man!? Oyuki no Kaze de Kōri Zuke!!) is the 148th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Not only it is possible for Oyuki to catch a cold, but it would consequently cause her to uncontrollably freeze everything around her. And as Ran deceives Oyuki in helping her get money for a date with Rei...

Plot Overview



  • As Ran runs away, masks of Ultraman, Kinnikuman, Kamen Rider and Shaider.

Differences from the manga

Once again, the episode is two separate stories from the manga stitched together into one full-length episode.

  • In the story surrounding Ran deceiving Oyuki:
    • Ataru, Mendō and Shinobu do not appear.
    • Extortionist thugs try to horn in on the business but Ran gets Benten to beat them up, forcing her to pay a bodyguard fee.
  • In the story surrounding Oyuki's cold, which starts with Lum contacting Oyuki:
    • Ran is not involved
    • It's Benten who caught her cold as she came to visit her.
    • Mendō tries to trick Kotatsu-Neko with taiyakis with sleeping powder only for the cat to sneeze at Mendō who then gets his sword out only to be broken by Kotatsu-Neko who hits him then.
    • Kotatsu-Neko tries to run away from Oyuki instead of using a hostage until being blocked and thus frozen by Oyuki who asks forgiveness.