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Friendship Panic! I Love Blowfish (友情パニック!わいはフグが好きやねん, Yūjō Panikku! Wai wa Fugu ga Suki ya Nen) is the 149th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ten finds a new friend in a blowfish and feeds it an Oni candy which turns it into a big flying blowfish spitting water and electricity to anyone calling it ugly or trying to eat it.

Plot Overview



  • This is the last episode to feature the Chance on Love opening and Open Invitation ending.
  • Mr. Fujinami manages to cut whiskers of Kotatsu-Neko, which was something that was hoped to be achieved in the previous episode.

Differences from the manga

The plot is essentially the same with numerous differences:

  • Torajima, Sakura, Megane, Perm, Shinobu and Mendō do not appear.
  • The story begins with Lum and Ataru in front of the fish store.
  • Ten doesn't try to befriend the blowfish whom he in fact finds not cute, and the blowfish spits water and electricity onto Ten as soon as it grows big.
  • The blowfish flies through town, spitting electricity and water on whoever calls it ugly.
  • When Cherry and Kotatsu-Neko lure it to the nabe, the blowfish witnesses Ataru and attacks it for intending to eat it, only to be hit by Ataru with a tennis racket. It meets Lum and Ten, who calls it ugly, so it attacks Ten who falls and is caught by Kotatsu-Neko who puts him in the nabe, and Lum attacks it causing it to fall to the Fujinami's house.
  • Mr. Fujinami would follow the blowfish in town after his accident with Ryūnosuke and Lum asks him to force it to go to the park where she sets a sticky web to capture it.
  • It ends with Ataru staring at the blowfish back to its natural size in the bowl, hoping that it would grow big too, not knowing that it was the same one he saw.