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The Great Spring War (せつぶん大戦争, Setsubun Dai Sensō) and The Benten Gang's Return Match (弁天軍団リターンマッチ, Benten Gundan no Ritān Matchi) are the two segments of the 15th episode of Urusei Yatsura.



Lum takes Ataru to her home planet for the Setsubun Battle, but the game goes awry as he goes after the goddess Benten.


Benten shows up for Earth's Setsubun, and a rematch ensues as Ataru angers Lum by taking advantage to play with Benten.

Plot Overview

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  • First Appearance of Benten.

Differences from the manga

  • Ten doesn't appear.
  • The balls aren’t explosive; instead, the God wins and Ataru is chosen as the official scapegoat, with a final image of him being suspended in the air as the Oni and God teams throw beans at him to drive out the bad luck.
  • The chapter begins with Ten's disappointment that what would have been his first Setsubun (at least on Lum's home planet) is canceled for budgetary reasons. The Setsubun instead now takes place on Earth.
    • Thus, Shinobu doesn't appear.
  • Benten's gang (who are daughters of the Seven Lucky Gods) are anime-original characters.
    • Ataru is eager to join another gang when he hears that Benten is there, and proposes the Earth-style Setsubun. He and Benten are alone, with no gang.
  • The chapter ends after Ten's attack causes Ataru to fall from the motorcycle and the fake Oni pound him. Benten is pleased at how much fun the violent customs on Earth are and goes off to tell her gang.


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