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The Armored Girl Returns! Plenty of Older Brothers (帰ってきたヨロイ娘!お兄様がいっぱい, Kaettekita Yoroi Musume! Onī-sama ga Ippai) is the 150th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Still in love with her own brother, Asuka is sent by her mother to deliver a scroll message to Mendō at Tomobiki High School where she gets the animosity of Shinobu for being Mendō’s fiancée and also Ryūnosuke for mistaking her for a boy.

Plot Overview

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Differences from the manga

The plot is essentially the same, except:

  • Shinobu is not involved. After Asuka hits Ryūnosuke and Ataru together with Mendō the first time, she throws the scroll to Mendō and says goodbye.
  • Ryūnosuke reads the scroll together with Mendō and Ataru, thus learns of her phobia.
  • Lum finds Asuka still in school hiding, and both hide in Kotatsu-Neko's kotatsu, only for Ryūnosuke to find them, which jumps to the scene where she tries to show her chest.
  • Before Asuka manages to grab Ryūnosuke, Ataru grabs Ryūnosuke causing Asuka to hug and destroy a tree which she uses to remove Ataru from Ryūnosuke who then runs away from Asuka for fear of her strength. Tobimaro and his mother were glad to see Asuka chasing a man, but Mendō climbs to the tree to inform them that Ryūnosuke is actually a girl.
  • After grabbing Ryūnosuke and landing in a sports room, Asuka notices her wrap and so mistakes her for a brother and asks her mother how many brothers she has, which concludes the story with Mendō saying that she made no progress in overcoming her fear of men.