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Boredom Syndrome! Is Tomobiki Town Wasting Away!? (退屈シンドローム!友引町はいずこへ!?, Taikutsu Shindorōmu! Tomobiki Chō wa Izu ko he!?) is the 151st episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ataru drinks a can of eye drops Lum left in his room, thinking it was juice, which causes reality to lose its structure and various sorts of weirdness occur.

Plot Overview



  • In Shinobu's room are featured Ruu's clown costume from the third movie and Kyoko Otonashi of Maison Ikkoku in a calendar.
  • Kei and Yui of Dirty Pair make a cameo.
  • The Talent Show Judge makes a cameo.
  • Various kaiju from Toho, Tsuburaya Productions and Daiei make cameos as well as the monster attack response units from the Ultraman series.

Differences from the manga

The plot differs quite a lot with reality losing its structure being anime original, and only the scenes of Ataru drinking Lum's can of eye drops, his nightmare and him trying to make up with a drink only to be hit by Mendō and the boys being adapted.

  • The story starts with Ataru refusing to share sweet potatoes with Lum and driving her away with garlic smoke, which is what causes her to have an eye infection that makes her unable to stop shedding tears.
  • After being hit by the boys, Ataru speaks with Sakura about that matter then sees her discussing with Ran then walks in town thinking.
  • Lum had to keep on crying until Ten got her a new can of eye drops she used on her spaceship.
  • It ends with Lum returning to Ataru's room and finding numerous potatoes Ataru bought for her, thus deciding not to tell him what the can really was while eating.