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The Armored Girl Appears Again! A Storm Raising Date (またまたヨロイ娘登場!嵐をよぶデート, Matamata Yoroi Musume Tōjō! Arashi wo Yobu Dēto) is the 153rd episode of Urusei Yatsura.


After catching Asuka having slept next to her brother, Mrs. Mizunokōji sets her on a date with her fiancée Mendō at his estate, but Ataru interferes, causing the frightened girl to go on a rampage.

Plot Overview

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  • This is the first episode to be a five-chapter adaptation.
  • Among the disguised servants can be seen Spiderman, R2-D2 and C-P03 of Star Wars.
  • Ataru wears the same cat mask he wore in Episode 61.

Differences from the manga

  • Ataru is disguised as a Kuroko like instead of just wearing a mask.
  • The main story is a five-chapter adaptation, so there's not much filler, however due to the 22-minute running time, some scenes have not been adapted:
    • When Asuka arrives in the Mendō estate, she runs to hug Mendō who however avoids her because of her colossal strength which as a result destroys a statue. Ryōko watching from the window fears that her brother will be killed and thinks that rather than letting another woman take him away, she has to kill him first.
    • After Ataru disguised as a Kuroko makes Mendō walk out with Asuka, Tobimaro is seen up in a tree observing, and Ryōko hits him with a hammer and calls him a pervert after hearing him saying that Asuka must stop taking baths and sleeping with him as he thought it's better for Asuka to be with Mendō.
    • Asuka encountering Mendō's baseball team studying baseball terminology which was seen in Episode 70 is anime original. After being frightened by Ataru a second time, Asuka immediately arrives in the Mendō mansion where Kurokos lead her to Ryōko who lies to Asuka that Mendō is actually a two-headed space monster that hunts down delicate maidens which causes her to repulse him and Ataru until Ataru steps out from Mendo's clothes, then Mrs. Mizunokōji appears.
    • When Asuka is blindfolded, Lum hangs onto Ataru to make sure nothing goes wrong and they leave together into the gardens, where Lum ties Ataru's right arm behind his back, puts a kuroko mask on him, and wraps his left hand in a cloth.
    • Instead of meeting Cherry who doesn't appear at all, an uncertain Asuka is convinced by Ryōko to have courage and fight her mother. The fight is stopped by Tobimaro blocking Asuka's attack, and Ryoko hits Tobimaro with a hammer to tell him that Asuka is fighting to save him, but Lum and Mendō stop her since helping would mean she accepts him and Asuka getting married, so Ryōko hits him again for the thought of marrying his sister while he has her, and his mother scolds him. Ataru suggests to Asuka that it's a good time to elope, but not to his expectation, she spins him around on the chain like a helicopter and flies off with Tobimaro while saying goodbye to her mother, who however gets Lum to cut the chain (making Ataru fly off) thus bringing Asuka and Tobimaro back down to the ground, which leads to the conclusion of Asuka apologizing to her mother who dares her to say again what she said and having made no progress.