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First Love Again!? A Return to the Past for Lum and Rei!! (初恋ふたたび!?昔に戻るかラムとレイ!!, Hatsu Koi Futatabi!? Mukashi ni Modoru ka Ramu to Rei!!) is the 155th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


During a party organized by Mendō, Ten brings a love locket with a picture of Rei that he found stored in a safe, much to Lum’s dismay, as not only it makes Ataru believe she has lingering affection for her ex-fiancee but it worries her about a function on top of being able to summon Rei who trashes the party.

Plot Overview

Warning: the following text contains spoilers about the plot or the series.

Lum is in her UFO dressed up formally looking through a pile of jewelries, Ten approaches her and asks what she's doing, she answers that she is looking for her earring for Mendō's party at his house, Ten decides to help her. Lum shows him what the earring looked like, then she looks at a clock and realize it's almost time so she decides to go to the party without the earring, telling Ten to stay at the UFO while she's away.

Ten sighs that he also wanted to go to the party with Lum, he then decides that he will look for her earring and then go to the party to give it to her, after looking through several compartments (which is full of Lum's jewelry boxes), he finds a small black box which beeps and opens up, inside, there is a golden locket with half-heart shape just like Lum's earring, Ten (who thinks it is the earring) flies to the party to give it to Lum.

At Mendō's mansion, everyone is enjoying a good time, Ten finds Lum and gives her the "earring", Lum is shocked with what he's found and angrily tells him to take the locket home and lock it in the box where he found it. After Ten left, she is having a flashback, it is revealed that the locket was a device from when Lum and Rei were still together a long time ago, it contains a photo of the two of them, Lum gave Rei one half of the locket containing her photo, explaining that if he opens the locket it will "irresistibly attract her" to him, Rei happily accepts the locket, but suddenly he transforms into his tiger form and swallows it, breaking Lum's heart.

Meanwhile, Ataru is flirting with other girls, Ten finds him and scolds him for what he is doing, Ataru shrugs him off and shoots a confetti to scare him away but it only makes Ten angry. As Ten opens his mouth to shoot fire at Ataru, Lum's Stormtroopers, annoyed by Ten's antics, threw chicken drumsticks at his mouth, causing him to lose balance and fell to the floor.

Ataru then notices Lum's locket on Ten's neck and asks what it is, Ten warns him not to touch it, but Ataru opens the locket and finds a photo of Rei inside, thinking that Lum still has lingering affections for Rei, Ataru plainly puts the locket in his shirt pocket and continues to flirt with the other girls in the party. Lum finds him and angrily comes to him.




  • Ataru makes a Devilman reference when he shows that he learned about the locket to Lum.

Differences from the manga

Both versions are practically the same, except that in the manga:

  • The party organized by Mendō is to celebrate New Year.
  • At the end, as the 2 halves of the locket are joined, it just plays a recorded loop that says "don't leave me!" over and over, resulting in a flimsy attempt to mend a broken relationship.