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I Love Darling's Kindness... (ダーリンのやさしさが好きだちゃ..., Dārin no yasashi-sa ga sukidacha...?) is the 157th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Sakura requests Ataru to fulfill a spirited young girl’s dying wish to go on a date with him as she spent most of her life in the hospital and knitted a scarf, mittens, and most of a sweater for him as she had been seeing him through her window, which he is obliged to wear despite the hot weather.

Plot Overview

A young girl, Nozomi suffers from a serious illness ever since she was very young, and the only thing she could do was spend her whole free time on her own bed, knitting and watching the same old view through the window by her bed. She felt that there was an object, a moving object, that always caught her sight every time. And the moving object that she mentioned would be a young boy who often rushed to school in a certain time. Since she knew that he was the only boy who used this path to reach his school, the only moving object made Nozomi rub off her loneliness, making her more attracted to him. She asked her mother for more information about him, but she only told her his full name with a nervous smile. Nozomi hoped that she could recover as soon as possible so that she would have a chance to meet the one that she admired along these days. Unfortunately, as the seasons changed and it started snowing slowly in Tomobiki-cho, Nozomi's sickness turned for the worse. At the end, she dies on Christmas Eve, leaving her mother with her pet bird in the cage. As Nozomi's mother packed all of the clothes and her daughter's diary before leaving the hospital, she released the yellow bird outside the window beside Nozomi's old bed. The bird quickly spread its wings, flied onto the sky and never returned.

At a restaurant, Nozomi's mother shows the diary to Sakura and begs for her assistance. Ataru and Lum arrive at Sakura's, and Ataru behaves like a pervert towards Sakura as she requests him for a date. She shows him Nozomi's diary which surprises both Ataru and Lum, but Ataru tries to leave after claiming he would obey to Sakura's request even if his date is a monster. Cherry shows up and calls the spirit of Nozomi who starts showing herself in front of Ataru. Ataru did not realize that Nozomi is a spirit seeking fulfillment of her wishes. While Ataru tries to hug her, he passes through her body without psychically touching her. Though Nozomi was a spirit, she treated Ataru with kindness instead of harming and scaring him. Soon, both of them have a joyful chat. Knowing that Ataru treated every ladies that he met with kindness, Lum feels extremely jealous on his normal behavior. After the conversation, Nozomi gives him a scarf, then a pair of gloves, legwarmers and a woolen cap to wear. Even though it is summer season, Ataru complies and wears them, but as she intends to give him a sweater, he started to run away. However, Sakura quickly releases the rope to stop him and has some conversation with him. In order to fulfill her wishes, he has to just do anything that Nozomi wanted. Nozomi says he doesn't have to wear it since it is unfinished, but Ataru eventually complies. Nozomi's mother stayed herself at the corner of certain place, watching them with a sight of wonder.

Soon, Ataru and Nozomi take a walk around the street. Sakura, Cherry and Lum follow them. Both of them watch movie, go to an amusement park and have some lunch at a restaurant. They spent a lot of time together, satisfying Nozomi.

As dusk approaches, after Nozomi rides the horse at the merry-go-round, she needed Ataru to accompany her to have some fun with others, the rest of the three people sat at the bench to take some rest. One of them asked as to why Nozomi had not left for heaven. Sakura rechecked her diary again and read that Nozomi's last wish was to play with Ataru in the winter. After they completed a snowman, the snow started to fall from the sky, thus creating a romantic atmosphere for two of them. Nozomi wrapped Ataru's left arm, standing at the middle of the ground covered by white snows. Regrettably, it's May, in other words Winter Season is not until several months later. And so Lum start to behave annoyed and kept herself argued against Nozomi and Ataru's friendliness. Without anybody's expectation, the park released various patterns of fireworks to the sky. The moment those fireworks started to fall from the sky and faded themselves, Nozomi remarked that the embers looked like the falling snow, creating a perfect winter season mood. Later, Nozomi asks Ataru to allow her to wrap his left arm. As soon as the fireworks ended, Nozomi's spirit slowly faded away from Ataru's side. After Ataru accomplished his duty, Sakura called him to take off the warming cloth. But Ataru did not rush to take off them, his eyes only glanced at the night with a pleaded grin.

The next morning, Ataru and Lum are walking down from a cemetery by the seaside as they encounter Nozomi's mother on her way to visit her daughter's tomb. While Ataru and Lum reach the shore, Lum says that she loves Ataru's kindness, and hopefully that he could treat her as he did Nozomi. Ataru did not want to show any sincerity to Lum at anytime, and so Lum begins to tease him for some fun. Lum then asks Ataru if she should've become a ghost like Nozomi, to which Ataru responds that's a dumb thing to say.



Differences from the Manga

The plot is essentially the same, except:

  • Nozomi's Mother is only seen in Nozomi's flashback.
  • The movie everybody sees is Ultraman.


  • "That's Moroboshi Ataru for you! When he has an opportunity, he makes his move on any woman, living or ghostly..." - Cherry
  • "Will this be okay? I mean, she doesn't seem to know what Darling can be like sometimes..." - Lum
  • "So, we'll see a movie, go to an amusement park... maybe have a little lunch, and then you can rest in peace. Sounds good?" - Ataru
  • "I... I'm always kind! And I just thought it would be sad to break a ghost's dream." - Ataru