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The Pure Fox Again! I Love Shinobu (またまた純情ギツネ!しのぶさんが好き, Matamata Junjō Gitsune! Shinobu-san ga suki) is the 158th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Even animals go to school including Kitsune, who draws a portrait of Shinobu as his assignment to draw something he likes and is then given the assignment to bring what he drew the day after or his cat teacher will personally destroy it.

Plot Overview



Differences from the manga

The plot is essentially the same, except:

  • The scenes featuring the festival, the scarecrow and the bus are anime original.
  • Kitsune just jumps at the back of a truck to reach Tomobiki.
  • Kōsuke Shirai is who ties up Onsen-Mark after Kitsune arrives in Class 2-4.
  • The whole class actually walks until the animal school.
  • The story ends with class 2-4 surprised by the cat teacher having forgotten the assignment.