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Scary!! There is an Octopus on Shūtarō's Head!? (怖い!!終太郎の頭にタコがいるっちゃ!?, Kowai!! Shūtarō no Atama ni Tako ga Irutcha!?) is the 166th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


An adventurous octopus which has been confined in the Mendō estate has escaped and is now on top of Mendō’s head, or rather its spirit.

Plot Overview



  • This the first episode where the Tonogata Gomen Asobase opening theme and the Good Luck ending theme are in use.
    • They would be in use for the rest of the TV series.
  • Mendō plays piano in the dark despite being nyctophobic.

Differences from the manga

Both versions are practically the same, except for some anime original scenes:

  • Akamaru being confined and Mendō remembering his grandfather. Akamaru was among the octopus during the call roll in the manga version.
  • The scene at the swimming pool.
  • The scenes after everyone laughing for Akamaru being adventurous which is where the manga version ends.