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Space Survival! They are the Eaters (スペースサバイバル!食うのは奴らだ, Supēsu Sabaibaru! Kū no wa Yatsura da) is the 168th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


On a spaceship near Earth, an alien accidentally loses a bowl while polishing it because of Earth’s gravity and it lands in front of Tomobiki High School, where the students discover it can magically present any food spoken of.

Plot Overview



  • Kei and Yuri of Dirty Pair appear as students of Class 2-4 through the episode.
  • The insert song Fushigi Kirei, is featured again.
    • It was previously used in episodes 125 and 134, and would be used again in episode 194.
  • The first ending Uchuu wa Taihen da! is used as an insert song at the end.

Differences from the manga

Most of the first part contain anime original scenes. The manga version begins with the spaceship and the bowl loss and its plot is basically the same except for the scenes of Ryūnosuke and Shinobu and Lum's Stormtroopers.