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The Fourth Dimension Camera (四次元カメラ, Shi Jigen Kamera) and Demonic Running (魔のランニング, Akuma no Ranningu) are the two segments of the 17th episode of Urusei Yatsura.



Mendo brings an antique camera to school that sends Ataru off into other worlds.


Ataru strangely becomes amazingly lucky to the point that Mendo loses his popularity.

Plot Overview

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  • In many moments of the first segment, Ataru's hair becomes black. This is likely due to animation errors.

Differences from the manga

  • The camera isn’t an instant, and they don’t discover that Ataru is in the desert until the film is developed by a member of the photography club (who kinda looks like Megane), who discovers that it’s a fourth-dimensional camera.
  • Ataru doesn't travel to other dimensions after he is found in the desert, he goes directly to the raft after Mendo takes another picture of him.
  • Ten doesn't appear.
  • After Velial reveals how he was accidentally summoned by Ataru, he explains that he used to drive a fiery chariot drawn by dogs, then had to buy them a TV, so his credit card is maxed out and he tries to suck out Ataru's soul with a vacuum cleaner, but Lum smashes it and all his souls fly away, forcing him to wander the streets recycling paper.


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