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Appearance after a Long Time! Worries for Mother the Firefighter!! (ひさびさ登場!火消しの母に悩みあり!!, Hisa-Bisa Tōjō! Hikeshi no Haha ni Nayami Ari!!) is the 171st episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ten's mother comes for another visit and Ten hoping to give her a present for her upcoming birthday goes on a desperate quest for carnations.

Plot Overview


Differences from the Manga

The story is fundamentally the same with no significant difference except that the final panel following Ten's Mother back to work relieved that her son doesn't dislike her, shows Ataru hitting Ten while complimenting him for what he did while Lum standing next to Ataru's Mother drinking wonders where Ten got the idea of offering a present to his mother.