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I Want a Bride!! The Fox's Big Love Adventure!! (花嫁がほしい!!キツネの恋の大冒険!!, Hanayome ga Hoshī!! Kitsune no Koi no Dai Bōken!!) is the 174th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


An old woman tells Kitsune a story about giving dandelions to a woman which transform into a beautiful bridal gown. Hoping that the story will come true for Shinobu and him, he returns to Tomobiki High School where a costume contest takes place.

Plot Overview



  • The first OVA was released after that episode.
  • Ataru wears a Mothra costume and Lum wears a Vampirella costume.
  • Various costumes include:
    • The Xenomorph Alien from the Alien series
    • C-3P0 from the Star Wars series
    • Kanegon from UltraQ
    • Godzilla (Appears multiple times with different designs and colors)
    • Pigmon from Ultraman
    • Spider-Man (colored Silver)
    • R2-D2 from the Star Wars series
    • E.T. from the Steven Spielberg film of the same name
    • Maschinenmensch from Metropolis
    • Nausicaa of the Studio Ghibli Movie
    • Ultraman from the series of the same name
    • Kamen Rider from the series of the same name (also as Masako Fujinami's picture)
    • 8-chan from Toei's Comedy series, Robot 8-chan
    • The Mut-Ant from This Island Earth
    • Devil Man
    • Iron Man No. 28/Gigantor
    • Red King from the Ultraman series
    • Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet
    • One of Go Nagi's protagonist
    • A Gundam (all black)
    • A Moai statue
    • A Mummy
    • Momotaro (Worn by Kotatsu-Neko)
    • Jirass from Ultraman
    • Gekko Kamen/Moon Mask from Toei's film series in 1954
    • Kitaro from Gegege no Kitaro
    • Nezumi Otoko from Gegege no Kitaro
    • Batman
    • Wonder Woman

Differences from the manga

Though the plot is true to the manga, many of the scenes of this episode are anime original.

  • The manga version starts with Kitsune picking up dandelions then learning the story from the old lady. He imagines Shinobu as a bride right after and it jumps to the costume contest.
  • As Kitsune walks away after seeing Shinobu with Ryūnosuke, the Tomobiki High School Principal shows up as a judge wearing a wedding dress. Then it ends with Kitsune asking the old lady how to claim back a lost lover.