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Fish Catching! Hamajaya's Naughty Business (お魚つかみどり!浜茶屋のイケナイ商売, Osakana Tsukamidori! Hamajaya no Ikenai Shōbai) is the 176th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Back at Mendō Marine Park, Ryūnosuke’s father financially in the hole sets up a catch fish event in a swimming pool filled with numerous sea animals, even dangerous ones.

Plot Overview



Differences from the manga

Though the plot is true to the manga, many of the scenes of this episode are anime original.

  • The manga version starts with Ryūnosuke's father already learning he's in the red in his home and decides to go visit old friends while Ryūnosuke is asleep.
  • Ataru at his home is urged by his mother to go to the Catch Fish event which takes place in Tomobiki High School's swimming pool, thus the animals including the octopus don't belong to Mendō.
  • Ten and Torajima are seen looking forward to the event but are not seen participating in it.
  • After sucking the fishes out of everyone's buckets and becoming too full to move, Ataru unzips his suit and everyone collects their fishes back. Ataru brings back a swordfish who damages his home's tub much to his mother's annoyance, Cherry sees Kotatsu-Neko having become friends with the shark, while Ryūnosuke eating at home says he hopes to disown her father still in his seahorse costume.