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Beware of Booze! Sakura's Big Exorcism Failure (お酒はコワイ!サクラのおはらい大失敗, Osake wa Kowai! Sakura no Oharai Dai Shippai) is the 179th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Sakura unwillingly swallows a sake spirit in the form of a snake, and now must abstain from drinking alcohol to drive it out. However, her struggles are disrupted during an outdoor tea ceremony at Mendō’s residence.

Plot Overview


Differences from the manga

The plot is essentially the same, except that Sakura's whole ordeal takes place in Tomobiki High School (in the nurse office and hallway) instead of Mendō's residence.

  • Onsen-Mark has a hangover due to have drunk the night before.
  • Shinobu brought wine for the cooking class and entered the nurse office because she noticed Lum in it and wanted to tell her the class is about to start.
  • The students instead of Mendō's bodyguard try to hold Sakura after she is overcome by the sake spirit.
  • It ends with the 3 big animals surrounding the students, Sakura and Cherry in the hallway. And the Principal says the hallway should be temporarily off-limits.
  • Ryūnosuke's father, Kotatsu-Neko and Mendō's father do not appear.