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Girl's Day! Introducing Ran-chan (ひな祭り!ランちゃん登場, Hina Matsuri! Ran-chan Tōjō) and Ran-chan's Invitation (ランちゃんの御招待, Ran-chan no Goshōtai) are the two segments in the 18th episode of Urusei Yatsura.



Ataru is enchanted by a doll that takes him to Ran, Lum’s childhood friend, who is not so joyful about old times when the topic of Rei comes up.


Ran invites Lum and Ataru into her spaceship for a farewell party, but Lum doesn't believe she has given up on sucking Ataru's youth.

Plot Overview

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  • First Appearance of Ran.
  • Megane sings Uchuu wa Taihen da! in the first part, while an instrumental version of Lum no Love Song plays in the second part.
  • This episode was originally produced as the 19th, but became the 18th in the broadcast order.[1]

Differences from the manga

  • Ten doesn't appear in the manga version of both segments.
  • The Chapter this episode was adapted from originally took place on Sport's Day, and Lum recognizes Ran having enrolled in Tomobiki High School when they're in a race together. The conversation about their childhood is the same. They're on opposing teams in the competition where a three-boys team act as horse for a girl, and she kisses Kōsuke Shirai from Ataru and Lum's team.
    • Ran would enroll in Tomobiki High School later in Episode 35.
  • As there are two more chapters with Ran trying to get revenge on Lum in the manga between her introduction and that chapter, it changes the complexion of the setup a bit.
  • The switch of Ataru and the fake one occurs on the ship instead of in a floaty pocket dimension.


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