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I Want to Date! Ataru's Great Test Operation (デートがしたい!あたるのテスト大作戦, Dēto ga Shitai! Ataru no Tesuto Dai Sakusen) is the 187th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Shinobu makes a deal with Ataru that she'll go on a date with him if he comes in first on one of the upcoming exams. However, Ataru and studying don't mix, and any scheme he comes up with to help him pass goes awry.

Plot Overview

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  • In Ataru's room can be seen a poster of Minky Momo.
  • Teacher Hanawa appears with different colors.
  • This is the final episode of the series where there is two stories stitched together into one episode, with each half covering each plot. After this, episodes would just consist of one story per half-hour.

Differences from the manga

As mentioned above, this is the last episode to have two manga plots stitched together into one episode, and Ryunosuke, Cherry, Ten and Kotatsu-Neko do not appear in both halves, as both Ryunosuke and Kotatsu-Neko have yet to appear in the manga, and as for the first half, Ten has yet to be introduced.

Part 1

The story begins with Ataru asking for Mendo's notes and blackmails him by threatening to reveal his phobias which had yet been exposed to the girls. And it's a different unknown teacher instead of Onsen-Mark who fights with Ataru.

Part 2

The plot is the same but both the beginning and ending are different.

  • Originally, the manga begins with Ataru receiving the charm from his mother
  • The ending to the chapter is Ataru insulting Sugawara who flatters of his second chance as a divine favor from the god of knowledge.