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It’s Unbearable! Ran's Great Malicious Mission (たまらないっちゃ!ランの意地悪大作戦, Tamara Naitcha! Ran no Ijiwaru Dai Sakusen) is the 193rd episode of Urusei Yatsura.


As Lum becomes annoyed by Ran’s grudges, Ran sends a tiny device called “Personal Controller” to take control of Ataru and make him equally annoying to her.

Plot Overview

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Differences from the manga

The plot is essentially the same except:

  • Kotatsu-Neko, Ryūnosuke and her father do not appear as they had yet been introduced.
  • After Ran throws the Personal Controller out, it jumps to Ataru, Lum and Ten in Ataru's room at night. The scenes with Ryūnosuke and her father are anime-only.
  • The girl whom Ataru tried to seduce in the past is a regular girl.
  • It ends with the Personal Controller reminiscing his past with Ran, making Lum ask him if he wasn't instructed to be annoying as well.