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Urusei Yatsura: All-Star All-Out Attack (うる星やつら オールスタア大進撃, Urusei Yatsura ooru staa daishingeki) and The School Excursion! Run, Kunoichi! (修学旅行!くの一よ走れ, Shuugaku ryokou kunoichi yo hashire) are the two segments of the one-hour long It's Spring! Take Off! Urusei Yatsura Special (春だとびだせうる星やつらスペシャル, Haruda tobidase urusei yatsura supesharu). Aired between episodes 21 and 22, it is often consisted to be Episode 21.5. It is also the first hour-long special of Urusei Yatsura.



Ataru's Mother narrates a recapping of the series up to this point.


On a field trip to the ancient capital of Nara, Ataru becomes fond of a female ninja, Kaede who hopes to quit her harsh life under her mistress.

Plot Overview

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  • This is the final time that the series is split into two segments, it is one segment from now on due to the format switch from 11-minute segments to full 22-minute episodes.
  • From this point onwards, it is full 22-minute episodes, despite this special having two segments.
  • A new title card was introduced for the first segment, though after the following segment and the next episode, Episode 23 used the original title card.
  • The first segment marks the first clipshow of the anime, which contains footages of:
  • This is one of the two episodes in which one segment adapts more than one chapter from the manga, with the second segment adapting three chapters. The other episode being Episode 13.

Differences from the Manga

The first segment is a clipshow episode, so there are no differences to that episode. As for the second segment:

  • Lum wears the school uniform for she had already enrolled in Tomobiki High School.
  • Hanawa appears as the teacher with the class.
  • Mukade and Kumade don’t command the chibi ninja, and Yatsude is following them closely, resulting in a confused scrum at a restaurant where Kaede has been hired, and Mukade and Kumade also decide to get out of the ninjing business, so Yatsude sends the chibi ninja instead.