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The Spring Blossom Picnic (春らんまんピクニック大騒動!, Haru Ranman Pikunikku Daisōdō!) is the 23rd episode of Urusei Yatsura.


On a school field trip, Ataru gets involved with Kappas and a limestone cavern reveals Mendo's greatest weakness.

Plot Overview



  • This is the first full-length episode to have two chapters plots adapted from the manga being stitched together in one episode, with each half covering each plot. This means it is two plots in one episode, which is a similar way to how the series originally had in format, two 11-minute segments in a episode, which retired after Episode 21.
    • Sometimes though, the two stories could be merged into one, with Episode 70 being the first.
  • This is the final episode to use the original title card for the series, as a new title card is introduced in Episode 21.5.
  • The second half of the episode reveals Mendō's nyctophobia and claustrophobia.

Differences from the manga

Onsen-Mark is the one in charge of the school field trip in the manga versions of both halves of this episode, the differences outside of that will be split into two parts since the stories are stitched together into one full-length episode.

Part 1

  • Lum and Ten do not appear, the reason for the latter being that he was yet to be introduced.
  • Shinobu asks Ataru to get the dried kappa as a clear distraction from unwanted attentions, rather than a random whim.
  • The female kappa appears to be embracing Ataru rather than throwing him directly in the hot springs.
  • After Ataru shows no interesting in the kappa dancing girls, they offer him dancing boys instead.
  • The random students in this chapter are very close to the Stormtroopers in appearance.

Part 2

Aside from what is said on the very top of this section, the only notable change is that Ataru crawls through the duct to get the can opener, making it clearer that they could have escaped that way.


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