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Teacher Hanawa's Arrival! Such is Youth! (花和先生登場!これが青春だね, Hanawa Sensei Tōjō! Kore ga Seishun da ne) is the 33rd episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Tomobiki High school gets a new teacher, assigned to class 2-4, who becomes concerned about Lum who happens to have transferred in as a new student, much to Ataru's dismay.

Plot Overview



  • First Appearance of the original Tomobiki High School Principal, although he doesn't have his regular voice and usual attitude yet.

Differences from the Manga

None of note, except for two omitted scenes:

  • After Ataru invites Mendou to join, where the team complains that if they have seven members someone will have to be a substitute, and they argue about who should quit.
  • Before the final practice, Natsuko comes to class to get Lum, and Mendou says he’ll come to watch her practice, prompting an orgy of intense rehearsal on her part before he arrives.