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Goblin in Distress - Yearning for People (悲しき妖怪 人恋しくて, Kanashiki Yōkai - Hito Koishikute) is the 34th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


A goblin is found at the bottom of Mendō's hotel pool, who must find a new good home.

Plot Overview

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  • This is the first episode with Lum's usual swimsuit.

Differences from the Manga

The stories are very close between versions, except that they don't follow back-to-back in the manga, they were separated chapters originally. In between them is the four part chapter "Deranged Marriage" (chapters 87-90), which had been adapted in Episode 22.

  • Ran is in the first story in the manga but not the anime, but she doesn't do anything of note.
  • As for second story, its exactly the same from the manga without any difference.