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Appearance of the Red Phantom! (怪人赤マントあらわる!, Kaijin Aka Manto Arawaru!) is the 37th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


As the students plan a cool evening disco dance, Onsen-Mark is worried about the return of a mysterious creepy man he knew back when he was a student. Although after many years...

Plot Overview



  • The insert song Montecristo Fanclub sung by Virgin VS is used again (previously used in Episode 12).
  • Hoshizora Cycling, yet used as an ending, is used as an insert song.

Differences from the manga

The Red Mantle is the main character in the manga instead of Onsen-Mark.

  • Onsen-Mark also doesn't appear in that version, along with Shinobu and Cherry.
  • He himself relates his history; his failed attempt in the bathroom, run-in with the boys, and dance with Lum happen, and it ends with him weeping to Lum after being laughed at.
  • Onsen-Mark's past and involvement with the Red Mantle is an original idea of the anime, as well as the Red Mantle's relationship with Yoshiko.